My New York Fashion Shoot Experience

My New York Fashion Shoot Experience

My New York Photo Shoot Experience


Hello Musers!  As promised, I want to share my New York Fashion shoot experience with you all!

This experience would not have been possible without Avon’s belief in me!

I had seen Avon feature some of the top Reps periodically in the brochure and social media.  I thought that it would be such a cool thing to experience, being featured in the Avon brochure, but I always told myself that it would NEVER happen in a million years.  Yes, I’ve been selling Avon for about 17 years, but I have a small business in comparison with some of these other Reps.  Not only that, but if I would allow myself to dream about such a possibility, my fear would quickly shut it down! I would think that I could NEVER do anything like, even if I had the opportunity…I would be too scared!  But lo and behold, Avon contacted me via email in April and asked if I would be interested in  participating in an Avon photo shoot!!!  It really did feel too good to be true.  I even contacted Avon to make sure it wasn’t a scam!  Immediately the fear set in!  I would have to fly.  By myself.  Across the country.  Not knowing anyone.  Alone.  In New York City!!!  Luckily I had my bible study ladies pray for me and my family and friends were super supportive and encouraging.  So I let go of the fears and I went!




In the 130+ years in the Direct Sales business, Avon decided, for the first time, to feature all Avon Reps in their brochure and I was going to be a part of it!

There were a few hiccups in me getting there, but I eventually made it!  About 20 reps, including me, were asked to participate in this photo shoot.  They flew us all out to NYC and put us up in a very nice hotel.  We were treated like celebrities!  We had a “handler” and she made all of us feel so welcome and comfortable. In fact everyone was so hospitable!  I did have a little bit of a misunderstanding the first day, and I got left behind, but our “handler”, Jeannine and the driver came right back to pick me up!  I was driven to the studio and as soon as I walked through the door, the adventure really began!





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We were taken care of by professional & celebrity manicurist, hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylists!

We were all completely pampered, it was awesome!  As soon as I walked through the door, I immediately started trying clothes on!  Then it was off to the manicurist to get my nails done.  I was then whisked into the hair stylists chair to get my hair styled.  I have to admit, I was a little star-struck when I saw who was going to be doing my makeup!  It was Hector Simancas, the Avon celebrity makeup artist on last season’s Project Runway!!!  The fashion stylists, manicurist, hair stylist and makeup artist were all very friendly and also made me feel so welcome and comfortable.  After I was all “done up”, it was off to the photo set!



My New York Photo Shoot Experience

I had never done any kind of modeling like this before!

I was super nervous!  But the celebrity photographer was very kind and patient with me.  I also had Jeannine off to the side giving me pep talks, showing me what to do, and making me crack up laughing!!!  Those first few photos were pretty awkward.  As the day went on, I got to feeling a little more comfortable in front of the camera and was a little less stiff.  Oh, and did I mention there were craft services there as well, to feed us breakfast and lunch??  But I digress.  I had never met any of the Reps that were there with me that day, but once we met, we were fast friends.  They all soon became my Avon sisters!  When that first day was all wrapped up, we were taken to Avon Headquarters and given a tour.  That was soooo cool to see the behind the scenes of where all the magic happens!



The rest of the time kind of blended together!

I was in the studio for a total of 3 days, from morning til late afternoon.  In the evenings, we had free time to be able to relax, hang out or walk around Manhattan.  Some of us, including myself, opted to go to dinner together and visit.  It was a great time to get to know the other Reps and to pick their brain about their Avon businesses.  It was a really nice time.






On the final day, all of the Avon Reps all came together for one massive photo shoot!

That was such a blast! Avon sisters and brothers that I was meeting for the very first time, all got to pose in front of the camera together. We had an entire team working on hair and makeup. There was lots of dancing, laughing and bonding!  I really did make lifelong friends. We were also visited by some of Avon’s “celebrities”, like Michael Sengstack and Betty Palm.  We were also interviewed on video, which was so nerve-wracking to me!  But it felt so good to let my fears and inhibitions go, just roll with it, and have fun!


All in all, it was such an amazing experience.

An experience I will never forget!  And it’s all because of Avon!  I’m still not quite sure why Avon chose me, but it really did make me feel like they are a company that believes in me and in all of their Independent Representatives.  I learned so much through this experience and grew so much as a person.  I am so humbled and grateful to have been a part of photo shoot and this monumental event in Avon’s history.


Thank you New Avon LLC. and everyone that was a part of making this happen!


There you have it, my New York photo shoot experience. Hope you enjoyed!

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