Friday Favorites: My Fave Tinted Moisturizer

Hello Musers! It’s been  awhile! I’m back today to muse about my fave tinted moisturizer.

Friday Favorites my fave tinted moisturizer

Avon Magix Tint Tinted Moisturizer is a fairly new product in the Avon makeup lineup.

I’ve been using it since it first debuted last month, and it has quickly become a fave! It’s such an amazing alternative to liquid foundation because its lightweight, yet has great coverage.  But Avon Magix Tint Tinted Moisturizer is not like any other tinted moisturizer I’ve ever used!

Friday Favorites my fave tinted moisturizer

Here are the reasons why this tinted moisturizer is my new favorite:

  1. Its lightweight yet has great coverage
  2. It comes in 6 flexible shades
  3. It blurs fine lines & wrinkles, like a real-life filter
  4. It’s good for my skin since its infused with passion fruit  chia and sunflower vitamins and contains vitamins E and B5 to keep skin hydrated
  5. Its moisturizes my skin
  6. Its paraben-free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist- and allergy-tested and vegan

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I love a makeup product that not only looks good but is good for my skin!

And this tinted moisturizer contains botanical extracts as well as antioxidants. And I’m telling you, it not only blurs my imperfections but it makes my skin glow! Its tagline is absolutely perfect, #nofiilterjustmagix! It can be applied just like a regular makeup foundation; you can use your fingertips, a foundation brush, a beauty sponge, or a combination thereof. I personally prefer to use a beauty sponge.


The flexible shades mean that you dont necessarily need to match your skin exactly. 

Which is another thing I like about the product. I can use the shades Medium & Medium Deep intermittently. Sometimes I’ll use Medium Deep over all, and then use the shade Medium to highlight targetted areas on my face. Either way, I can use both shades and both blend well with my skin coloring. 

My skin is on the normal to dry side,  so I absolutely love the moisurization this Magix tint gives me!

It softens & moisturizes my face for smoother application of my blush & highlighter. And the formulalization of Magix gives my skin a dewy, glowy look which I prefer. However, even a person with oily skin can wear this tinted moisturizer, because if they don’t prefer the dewy, glowy look and like more of a mattened down look, using Magix Face Perfector makeup primer would definitely help them achieve that look.  So really Avon Magix Tint Tinted Moisturizer is a product that anyone can use


There you have it, my fave tinted moisturizer! What do you love to use in your face? Share in the comments and don’t forget to follow!

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