Fashion Friday: Coin Jewelry

Hello Musers, It’s Fridaaaaay!  And it’s a long weekend! Who else is excited?  Today I’m coming at you with a new Fashion Friday post!

Fashion Friday coin jewelry


Coin jewelry is definitely having a major moment!

I remember in the early 90’s (yes i’m aging myself here), coin jewelry having a bit of a trending moment in the form of chain belts, scarves, anklets and hair jewelry. You know the old saying, “what goes around comes back around”? Well, coin jewelry is back and fiercer than ever! Just do a Pinterest search on “coin jewelry” and you will see all the coined beauties & baubles!

Fashion Friday coin jewelry

Fashion Friday coin jewelry

I recently picked up a few Avon coin necklaces so I could sport the trend…again!

I have to say, these necklaces did not disappoint! The coins are bigger and heftier than I expected, but they are gorge!  Modeled after ancient currency from Rome and Byzantium, coin jewelry is having a major moment!  The iconic symbols add to the coin jewelry’s mystique, and the sparkly bling adds to the coin jewelry’s glam-factor.


I paired these with a simple black tank, worn over a bright coral bralette.

These coin necklaces were the perfect touch to my end-of-summer outfit! One unique feature of these necklaces that I absolutely loved, is they are adjustable. Each features an adjustable length chain, with slider, for maximum length of 30” L. It makes it easy for adding layers to my look! I can’t wait to see what other looks I will be able to create with these necklaces!

Here are other ways to wear the trend from the Avon jewelry collection:

Fashion FridayFashion Friday coin jewelry

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Here’s a collage I made of the trend, from looks I found on Pinterest:

Fashion Friday coin jewelry

Are you loving this trend? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow!

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