Friday Favorites: My Current Fragrance Crush

Happy Friday Musers! Today I’m musing about my current fragrance crush!

Friday Favorites my current fragrance crush

I am really picky with my fragrances, but once I find one I like, I’m loyal to it! 

I lean toward citrus & fruity fragrances, but not anything overwhelming or suffocating. Yet, I want a fragrance that I can smell on myself all day long! I do not like musky, powdery or rosy scents – see, told you I was picky! 

Friday Favorites my current fragrance Crush

When I tested my current crush during Avon Rep Fest, I knew I had found my new jam!

Live Out Loud Eau De Parfum is truly is a fresh & vibrant – fruity floral scent with exciting, lush and liberating notes. And that’s why I love it! It has my fruity, floral scent requirements, with a dash of mimosa! This scent just fits me so well! I feel fun & flirty when I wear it.

Top: Sweet wild strawberry
Middle: Sparkling mimosa
Base: Comforting fluffy vanilla

Friday Favorites my current fragrance Crush

What makes me feel even more empowered when I spritz this on is the inspiration behind the fragrance: 

“We were inspired by the positive affirmations that women in the Avon Nation live by. This new iconic fragrance celebrates the power of women in our community to fearlessly go after their dreams and enjoy everything life throws their way. It’s unique, feminine, emboldening, liberating—and of the highest quality.” –Neil Brading, Fragrance Director

Ummm, can you say #AvonNation #empoweringwomen #liveoutloud!?

The fragrance completely lives up to its name for me.  It is long-lasting and bold, while still being extremely feminine & not overwhelming. Again, its totally me!

Here are more notes from the Perfumers:

“The inspiration for this fragrance came from our desire to create something addictive with a point of view—something just right for the woman who knows what she wants and is a force to be reckoned with.” –Honorine Blanc, Master Perfumer

“We were inspired by the spirit of empowered optimism and confidence. This fragrance is the perfect combination of creamy and bright, fruity facets…a sweet yet sensual signature.” –Alexis Grugeon, Perfumer

Friday Favorites: My Fave Way to Mask

What about you? Do you have a current fragrance crush?

Thanks for reading my Friday Favorites post! Let me know in the comments if you have a current fragrance crush. 


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